10 Ways To Be A Gentleman

7 06 2009

Stately Gentleman 2

1. Avoid  fighting in public with a woman your dating, save it for a private place

2. Don’t forget to introduce the woman your with as your date, friend, girlfrend to people when you’re out together

3.  If you initiate dinner plans then you should pay and vice versa.

4. Always let the woman order first

5. Always put your napkin in your lap at dinner

6. The bigger, more mature man can walk away from a potential altercation

7. Look people directly in the eyes when you meet or greet and give them a handshake.

8. In meetings, don’t hold conversations at the same time someone else is speaking. Let the other person finish their point before speaking.

9. Don’t talk so loud the world around you can hear your conversation

10. Don’t talk down to others