Chop Down The Pedastel

20 05 2009

If you put a woman up on a pedestal and worship her like a deity it is a guaranteed recipe for failure. If she feels like she has overwhelming power over you in any interaction ranging from long term relationship to first time meeting she will conscious or unconsciously not respect you and worst of all…

This will kill any remnants of attraction she may have felt for you

When a woman feels like she has you in the palm of her hand, there is no need for her to vie for your attention. The game will be over before it started and that’s boring. Boredom is the enemy.

There is a reason why the guys who know what they’re doing when first talking to a group of girls totally ignore the one girl they are actually interested in. Think about it. First, observe that by ignoring the woman they are interested in they are doing the opposite of putting her on a pedestal. This is a psychological tactic that will inject curiosity, give you a mysterious air, and best of all make her feel like she will have to work to get your attention. This is more effective on hotter women as they are used to being drooled on by every guy who’s eyeballs give her the up and down. Nice, now the tables are turned.  Rather than being the pursuer, you may now be the perused.

Men who put women on a pedastel will be dominated and controlled like a boring puppet. Do the opposite, but don’t be a jackass either.





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